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News for December, 2012

  • Minister of Mining visits Royal Silver Company.

    December 2012   Minister of Mining and Metallurgy, Ing. Mario Virreira visited Royal Silver Company accompanied by Ing. Jose Vera.  The Minister toured our plant and requested a presentation be prepared for the Cabinet.

  • COMIBOL requests Royal Silver Company's help with Karachipampa.

    December 2012   The President of the Karachipampa Lead-Silver Smelter called upon Brian McConnell to lend his expertise in the commissioning of the Air Separation Plant, which is a vital component of the Karachipampa Lead-Silver Smelter in Potosi.  Proposals from large international companies were rejected in favor of Royal Silver Company's offer.   Brian and a group of mechanics began repairing the plant immediately, as support for the Bolivian government's effort to industrialize mineral production.   The Air Separation Plant is expected to be working by January 20.

  • CEO McConnell delivers a key presentation at the Zinc Symposium.

    December 2012   CEO Brian McConnell delivered a key presentation at the national Zinc Symposium in Oruro, explaining the ARGOX Process as the most viable technology to process zinc concentrates in Bolivia.  Brian's proposal was well-received and may have changed the national dialogue regarding zinc technologies.  Local papers printed Brian's photo and proposal on the front page of the Sunday edition.   Without mentioning Royal Zinc by name, Brian officially announced that Royal Silver Company was building the nation's first large zinc smelter.

News for November, 2012

  • Royal Silver Company sells a technology license for $1 million.

    November 2012   Management negotiated the sale of a technology license to a well-known Bolivian industrial company for $1 million.  Both companies agreed to a $10 million capital investment in a new endevour to be called Royal Zinc, that will use Royal Silver's technology to process zinc concentrates.   Royal Silver Company will own 30% of Royal Zinc.  It was agreed that investment into Royal Zinc would begin in 2013.

News for September, 2012

  • COMIBOL deal delayed because of social unrest.

    September 18.   Management is working toward a deal with COMIBOL that can be taken to the Board of Directors.  Tremendous social unrest in La Paz regarding the Colquiri mine hinders the preparation of a contract.   Although we have news on a daily basis, and although CEO Brian McConnell coordinates with other actors to bring attention to the matter, we must wait and see how the situation develops.  A positive outcome will allow Royal Silver Company to go public.

  • Coin donation to the Bolivian organization "Armonia"

    September 7. We were pleased to receive a visit from representatives of the Civil Harmony Association (Bolivian organization specializing in the conservation of birds and their natural habitat) German Mercado, Juan Manuel Barragan, and Rodrigo Soria, who received from Royal Silver coins Paraba Bluebeard (Blue Throated Macaw) as a donation. See Photo»

  • Upcoming events for septiembre

    September 14 through 21. 

News for August, 2012

  • Cadexco presented awards to Royal Silver and other companies that stood out for its Management 2011 Merit Exporter..

    August 31.  On the twenty-ninth year the Chamber of Exporters of Cochabamba (Cadexco) awarded to the most outstanding companies in 18 different items department, in which Royal Silver Company obtained Exporter Merit Award in the category of Jewelry & Silverware.   Photo 1» Photo2» Photo3»

  • SGS confirms .99999 purity of silver for latest rounds that have shipped and/or are shipping.

    August 28.  Laboratories SGS SA Bolivia Mineralogical Testing Laboratory has confirmed the purity of our last batch of silver coins .99999 (five nines), being the purest in the world, these were already exported to various countries.   View Assay Report»

  • COMIBOL announces an investment in ARGOX smelters

    August 27.   Metallurgical tests on concentrates from major COMIBOL mines were successful.  COMIBOL has announced in the local press that they will finance zinc refineries (smelters) using Royal Silver Company's technology.  COMIBOL President Hector Códova mentioned Royal Silver Company by name at the inauguration of the Oruro Mining Exposition, in the presence of the Minister of Mining and the assembled public and exhibitors--the only company he mentioned, as he recapped COMIBOL's current and future projects.  Travel schedules of top COMIBOL officials will delay negotiations on a deal that can be presented to the Royal Silver Company Board, until next week.
  • Royal Silver Company will exhibit at the Oruro Mining Exposition

    August 15 .   Royal Silver Company will showcase coins and the Machacamarca project at the Oruro Mining Exposition.  CEO Brian McConnell prepared banners, artwork, flyers and videos, before conducting ARGOX tests for COMIBOL. The Royal Silver Company stand should be second to none, with the world's purest silver and gold coins on display, plus a 3D virtual fly-through of the proposed Machacamarca plant. Photo1 Photo2

  • COMIBOL engineers witness ARGOX

    August 14 . The second day of tests was also successful.   The COMIBOL officials no longer ask questions about how the ARGOX Process works, they are asking how long it will take to build a plant.

    August 13 .  On Monday, August 13, four executives from COMIBOL and the Ministry of Mines witnessed ARGOX work on zinc concentrates from COMIBOL's recently nationalized mine, Colquiri.   During the previous month, 1 ton samples from the 3 main COMIBOL mines plus a ton of acid were delivered to Royal Silver Company.   Tests will continue this week. These tests are the final step before COMIBOL decides to invest with Royal Silver Company in a large zinc refinery, using ARGOX.  According to the top COMIBOL official, $20 Million already has been budgeted for this project, the go-ahead depends on the outcome of these tests.  

News for June, 2012

  • Director of Projects for COMIBOL visits Royal Silver

    June 1.  The Director of Projects for COMIBOL spent two days at our plant, seeing ARGOX and discussing Royal Silver's technology with CEO Brian McConnell, who explained our ability to solve one of Bolivia's major structural problems--the lack of zinc-silver smelters.   An agreement was reached and Important news regarding Machacamarca will follow in a month.
  • Upcoming events for June

    June 1 through June 15.  

News for May, 2012

  • Political unrest (normal routine) prevented the Governor of Oruro from visiting the plant in May.  We will attempt a re-schedule. 

    May 27.  VP José Criado returned to Cochabamba just in time for Bolivian Mother's Day and his wife's birthday.  Our warmest regards go out to all Mothers around the world--especially to our clients, shareholders, and Club Members.   Congratulations.

    José brought the new Anaconda die with him, along with other items from the US.  We will mint Anaconda silver rounds and post photos on the site.

    Cochabamba will host the Organization of American States General Meeting June 3 through 5.  An important honor for the city.  (Too bad they forgot to order their commemorative silver and gold coins, oh well.)  Read more about the OAS Meeting »

  • Our perspective on the recent nationalization news.   Plus, the official Bolivian perspective from Finance Minister Arce.

    May 10.  The recent nationalization has no bearing on our business, comments CEO Brian McConnell.   Brian's Comments »

    May 10.  Brief post by Bolivian Finance Minister Arce, explaining nationalization.   A must-read. Minister Arce's comments »

  • SGS confirms .99999 purity of silver for latest rounds that have shipped and/or are shipping.

    May 9.  SGS, the world's largest testing and standards organization, emailed the confirmation of .99999 (five by nive purity) for the batch of silver that includes 1,000 Dirhams shipped to Malasysia and the current batch of Members' optionals and online retail orders of silver rounds, regardless of design.   View Assay Report»

  • Upcoming events for the second week of May

    May 7 through 12.  

    The Office of the Governor of Oruro wrote to say that the Governor will confirm his visit to Royal Silver Company by Tuesday 8. 

    The President of the Federation of Mining Cooperatives of Potosi presented to Bolivian President Evo Morales a petition for an ARGOX plant in Potosi.   Members of the Federation plan to visit Royal Silver Company during the second week of May.

    The Mayor and City Council of Machacamarca plan to accompany the Governor of Oruro on his official visit to Royal Silver Company.  The Pro-Ecological Smelter Committee of Machacamarca will also accompany the Governor.

  • Safety circuits were given a severe test late Thursday night.

    May 3.  Fail-safe circuits were put to the test in an explosion at Royal Silver's production plant.  Night-shift mint workers, security guards, and CEO Brian McConnell were startled by an explosion inside the pilot ARGOX reactor at 3am, caused by a faulty air/oil separator on the main air compressor that allowed oil to enter the ARGOX reactor.  Oil in the presence of high-pressure oxygen combusts violently.  Fortunately, fail-safe protective circuits installed by the inventor of ARGOX when the plant was first built performed as designed, and the extreme pressure and flames of the explosion were released safely without damage to equipment, harm to personnel, nor loss of valuable mineral and solution.  Brian was on hand to diagnose the cause of the loud noise and smoke that briefly enveloped the plant, startling personnel.   The next day the rupture disc was replaced and valves and piping taken apart, inspected for damage (none, thankfully) and put back together.  All oils and greases anywhere near the ARGOX reactor are made from Krytox or Fomblin (very expensive, chemically inert teflon-like substances), however compressed air as a source of oil had been overlooked--but, of course, not anymore.   Plant engineers and workers were instructed to be more diligent in maintenance and Brian took the opportunity to stress safety and preparation.  In a ceremony very typical of Bolivia, a q'oa was offered at the end of work on Friday and workers asked for divine protection and gave thanks for their blessings.  Brian explained to the staff that lessons are best learned on a pilot-scale and that this incident was actually a gift that will prevent serious accidents in the future.

News for April, 2012

  • Royal Silver Company exhibits coins at the Cochabamba International Fair

    April 28.  The world's purest silver and gold coins were prominently on display at the CADEXCO booth at the Cochabamba International Fair.  600,000 visitors are expected over the ten-day event.

  • Royal Silver Company sponsors the 13th Annual National Jewelers Congress.

    April 27.  Royal Silver Company was honored to sponsor the 13th National Jewelers Congress of Bolivia.   CEO Brian McConnell gave the keynote address before an assemply representing jewelers from every region of Bolivia.  Brian explained Royal Silver's success in opening an export market for Bolivian silver and gold, and offered the company's services for refining sweeps and polish and other by-products containing precious metals.

  • AIRE--the in-flight magazine for AeroSur--publishes an extensive article about Royal Silver Company.

    April 22.  A full-color, beautifully illustrated article about Royal Silver Company appeared in AIRE, the in-flight magazine for AeroSur.  The article explains in both English and Spanish how Cochabamba is home to the only mint in the world that makes .99999 pure silver and gold coins.  The Spanish version makes more sense than the English translation.  (We did not write or translate the article.)  Read the article »

  • Coeur Executives visit Royal Silver Company

    April 20.   Sr. VP Luke Russell and his staff from Coeur--one of the largest primary silver producers--plus Humberto Rada, President of Empresa Minera Manquiri, and his staff--toured Royal Silver's production plant in Cochabamba.  The guests saw the pilot ARGOX plant, pressed coins in the mint, learned how air is cooled to -300ºF and saw a demonstration of liquid oxygen.   Manquiri (Coeur's Bolivian subsidiary) produces 250 tons of metallic silver per year from a cyanide leach of oxide ores in Potosí, however they do not refine a single ounce in Bolivia--all their production is exported to foreign refineries.  Royal Silver CEO Brian McConnell explained to the visitors the CSR benefits their company could obtain by allowing Royal Silver the opportunity to refine part of Coeur's production and mint coins for export.  Only time will tell, if the message was relayed and understood at Coeur headquarters.

  • Royal Silver Company invited to deliver a paper at the 2013 SME Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado

    April 18.  Royal Silver Company was invited by the SME to present a paper at their 2013 Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado.  The Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration is the mining industry's premier professional organization.  CEO Brian McConnell will write and present a paper about ARGOX and Royal Silver Company's experience building and operating the world's only zero-emissions silver smelter.

  • Sr. VP José Criado accepts a position in the USA that will allow him to support our US and Canadian coin sales

    April 5.  Royal Silver Company Sr. VP José Criado accepted a strategic position with an international power transmission (gearbox) manufacturer, where he will oversee the Eastern US and Latin America.  José's move to the Miami area (Weston, FL) will allow him to provide better schooling and health care for his young family and at the same time give him the flexibility to provide US-support to Royal Silver Company.  As a highly-qualified mechanical engineer with extensive power transmission experience José received several US job offers while he lived in Bolivia and helped us build Royal Silver Company over the last two years, but the latest job offer meshed with his desire to further Royal Silver's support in the US and provide for his beautiful family in a highly-rated school district (Weston has the top schools in Florida).  While José will be missed here at the Royal Silver plant, he will provide much more important US support as we increase coins sales and gear up for machinery purchases ahead of our large ARGOX projects.  Always smiling and joking, José summed up the move like this:   "I'm not leaving--I'm opening up Royal Silver's Weston office."  Good luck, José!

News for March, 2012

  • News Coverage about Royal Silver Company during March and April

    March 25.  OPINION--Cochabamba's second-largest newspaper--ran a cover story featuring CEO Brian McConnell showing coins being minted and a two-page article in their Sunday Special Report.   Read Article »

    March 15.  Wall Street Cheat Sheet ran a story about Royal Silver Company titled "Silver Goes Green", which was mirrored by Fox Business and others.   Read Article »

    March 14.   Online news agency BN Americas ran a story about the ARGOX pilot plant.   Read Article »

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